Ever notice how everyone usually ends up in the kitchen when you’re entertaining family and friends? Because the kitchen is the hub of the household, it’s where people feel the most comfortable. Your kitchen bar or island is a natural area for congregating, and deserves to be well lit.

There are more kitchen island lighting options available now than ever before, helping you truly maximize the functionality of this space. Besides enhancing the social atmosphere, effective kitchen island lighting is vital because it is where much food preparation is done. Consider choosing downward-facing lights to get the most focused light – a great help for cooks! Here are a few more tips to consider:
  • Kitchen Island Lights: These chandeliers are specially designed for kitchen islands, and tend to have a more elongated form than the typical chandelier. Because they’re available in uplight and downlight versions, you can achieve your desired level of formality and light focus.
  • Mini Pendants: Mini pendants have recently gained tremendous popularity as an island lighting solution. For the best results, use mini pendants in multiples or “rows.” To achieve a highly modern look, choose a clean “uncluttered” style with a metallic finish. If your décor is traditional, choose a mini pendant style with heavier detailing.
  • Pot Racks: These fixtures offer a unique solution for kitchen island lighting! Both stylish and functional, they allow you to showcase your high-end cookware. As an added bonus, they free up storage space in your kitchen!
Updating your lighting can make all the difference in your kitchen design, creating an even more inviting atmosphere for entertaining.