Design Services

Initial Consultation

In our first meeting together, we’ll discuss your LifeStyle, functionality requirements, and the type of designs you like. We will review plans or take detailed measurements in your home, discuss and advise on our appliances, gain a sense of budgets and timelines.

Our key takeaways from this meeting are:

* Your style

* Getting connected on social media platforms that you are using for inspiration

* Detailed measured or blueprints

* Budget

* Determining the type and configuration of appliances

Design Presentation, Budget & Selections

During our second meeting you will get a 3D design concept, a flat-lay which will include all the materials that we have selected to complement your space and that aline with your inspiration and LifeStyle requirements. Our goal in this discussion is to ensure our design is reflective of what you have envisioned.

Our key takeaways from this meeting are:

* Finalizing design, materials, and renovation budget

This meeting can be repeated if needed. We don’t move on to the final step until you are 100% confident in the primary decisions you need to make!

Final Design and Budget Review Meeting

In our final meeting, we’ll review all of the designs, materials, renovations, timelines budget, and will sign off on your project. Our final meeting will also include:

* Discussing payment terms and timelines

* Book final site visit for measurements and team review