The “farmhouse” look is all the rage in today’s kitchen design. Natural materials, fresh cut flowers, and whimsical pastel hues are taking the place of heavy, expensive décor in many contemporary homes. What better to complement the refreshing look of farmhouse style than rustic kitchen lighting?

Rustic lighting is loosely defined, but these fixtures typically feature an antique or vintage feel. Look for distressed finishes and “open” designs that create an inviting glow. Want to capture the farmhouse look in your own home? Try these rustic kitchen lighting tips.
  • “Farmhouse” Pendants: Often used as entry/foyer lights, these tend to feature an open cage design with a traditional candelabra base. A hot trend in kitchen design is using these pendants in lieu of the typical chandelier over a kitchen table or island. This creates an incredibly warm, inviting look!
  • Rustic Chandeliers: Two exciting new trends in rustic chandelier design are distressed or multi-toned finishes, and frames that resemble leather “strapping.” These styles are perfect for those who want to achieve a slightly bucolic look, but retain a touch tradition at the same time.
  • Outdoor Lights, Inside. Many of today’s outdoor wall lights are designed with a careful attention to detail – why not consider using them indoors for an enviable look? Try gas lantern-inspired outdoor wall sconces in the kitchen to transform your space into a rustic haven, reminiscent of old world inns or pubs.
  • Vintage-Inspired Mini Pendants: Mini pendant fixtures may be one of the hottest contemporary trends in kitchen design, but they can certainly be used to create a rustic effect! Look for styles with antique elements, like gas lantern “turnkeys”, metal shades, and weathered finishes. Copper or bronze finishes also work particularly well.