One of the newer trends in kitchen design is the undermount sink. The sleek, uncluttered look of modern kitchens called for a more cutting edge sink. As new, more sophisticated counter options became available, the design of the kitchen sink has also evolved. An “undermount” sink is fastened to the underside of the counter top material and appears suspended below the counter. Available in stainless steel or a wide variety of man made materials, an undermount style makes any kitchen look elegant and modern.

Older laminate counter tops required careful sealing from water to prevent damage. In older kitchens, most sinks extended above and curved over the counter top material. This design, called an “overmount”, allowed a strong seal between the counter and sink, but left and edge than could be very difficult to keep spotlessly clean. Overmount skins are often found in both stainless steel and porcelain, and remain a popular option with many laminate counter tops.
With the variety and appeal of granite, stone and manufactured solid surface counter tops, standard sink designs are no longer a homeowner’s only choice. Newer counter top materials are impervious to water, and will not warp or split, even with prolonged exposure. These qualities allowed designers to create the “undermount” sink. The counter top material appears continuous, with the sink visible only below the counter. In addition to a more elegant, finished appearance, the undermount sink prevents the accumulation of material around the edge of the sink. Many homeowner’s prefer this modern, cleaner look, as well as the ease and maintainability.
Undermount kitchen sinks are easy to maintain and that makes it great for functionality. Many prefer black kitchen sinks so that they do not show dirt or grime.