Spring is right around the corner, and with Spring often comes the frenzied, relentless rush of the real estate market. The Spring rush may lead to multiple offers which often results in homes selling for over the asking price. Spring can be a great time to sell your home when you have the right location and are have a home that is showing well. The question many homeowners ask us is, “where do I spend my money to ensure I get the most ROI (Return on Investment)”?
The response is two-fold and not entirely without some complexities and a small amount of assessment required. In order to ensure you get the ROI you’re seeking, we have partnered with Nadia Micallef of Re/Max Rouge River Reality LTD. , Brokerage to create an easy and straight forward plan to help guide you in the process.

1. Start planning in January for a spring list date, timing of your list date is key to maximizing your ROI

2. Determine the current value of your home, . A Comparative Market Assessment is FREE and will provide you with the information required to ensure you are investing in the right areas of your home to capitalize on your investment
3. Determine the forecasted value of your based on your renovations being complete. Traditionally kitchen and bathroom renovations bring the greatest ROI, Nadia Micallef believes that with the right investment in the right places you can get upwards of 50% ROI on these investments (percentages will vary). However it is critical that you do not out price yourself by putting too much into your renovations and pricing yourself out of your market! Seeking professional advice prior to investing with help ensure you achieve the financial results you’re seeking.
4. Set your budget and timelines with your contractor/renovator
YouNique Kitchens & Bath often works with clients to assist them in preparing their home for sale. We have expertise on staff who have personally made similar investments in their own homes prior to sale with success, we look forward to sharing our learnings. Nadia Micallef is an experienced Real Estate Agent in the General Toronto Area, with 20 years of family experience she brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients, ensuring that clients’ achieve the results they seek.