Isn’t it ironic how a “great social space” is important to us when we move into a house, but we rarely get around to making it happen? It can be difficult to find the time for home improvements when there are so many other aspects of your life that are full on, but it can end up being worth it in the long run if you have patience and make the leap.

Reorganize your kitchen layout
If you are adamant that you want to completely change your kitchen as it currently stands, you may want to look into reworking the layout. There are a number of possible benefits for this, the most significant being that you can create more areas to relax in. Whether this is a kitchen island to lean on, or a breakfast bar with some high stools, you could create something pretty special.
Think of going open plan
Of course, you may not feel that your space is not big enough for your ambitious plans. Luckily you may have a couple of options when it comes to looking for a solution. The first is to knock through to your living room or dining area to create an open plan kitchen that becomes part of the rest of the house. This means you can host guests without disappearing for significant chunks of time. The other option is to get a ground floor extension, if you have the space, permission and budget.
Create a comfortable seating area
Regardless of whether or not you choose to increase the footprint of your kitchen, you can still find ways of creating a seating area for your family, friends and other guests. It might be a good idea to have a look in the shops to see what is currently on offer; you might find that you want to replace your existing table and chairs for a set that is more ergonomic and comfortable over the course of an evening.
Include your outdoor space
If your kitchen leads to your garden, you might want to create a terrace or patio area right outside the back door. Have a look at Vevo bifold doors if you want an easy way for people to come in and out without too much congestion – they’re also pretty handy for bringing lots of natural light into the home. It could also be worth thinking about getting a decking area installed if you are a fan of barbecues and hot tubs; this could be the perfect place for relaxing during the warmer months, working in tandem with your kitchen.