When people begin to plan a kitchen remodel they tend to spend an awful lot of time choosing the right cabinets, the perfect countertops and great looking new flooring. The sink is often the last thing they think about, which is really strange considering that it is probably the most used item in any kitchen.

The sink you choose for your kitchen can actually have a huge impact on the overall function and design of your new kitchen. That is why these days designers are paying more attention to them than ever before and coming up with some pretty innovative and attractive work. Here are some of the hottest trends for kitchen sinks right now.
Copper Kitchen Sinks
Bored with the same old stainless steel sink options? Consider a copper kitchen sink instead; they are as tough as their less interesting counterparts but look very different. A copper sink is especially good when used as a part of a kitchen design that could be considered “rustic”.
Don’t Be a Square
Who says that your kitchen sink has to be square? A number of kitchen designers are coming up with some truly eye-catching round, oval and even abstractly shaped kitchen sinks that are a work of art in their own right and definitely a stunning addition to any new kitchen.
Bigger Is Better
Many people choose to remodel their kitchens because they are looking to add more workspace. That idea can (and in many cases probably should) be extended to your choice of kitchen sink. One very popular yet stylish and functional option is to pick a sink that has a bigger, deeper bowl for tackling all those big pots and pans with a smaller bar sink attached at the side for quick cleanups.