Part 3 of our series on bathroom remodeling and organization:

Basket Partners
Avoid countertop clutter by placing toiletries and other everyday bathroom essentials in baskets on shelves. Group supplies in each basket for a specific task, person, or time of day.
Counter Charisma
Borrowing a bit of space between wall studs at the end of this vanity countertop brings storage to your fingertips. Leaving the bottom of the recess open creates a handy parking space for a few extra hand towels. The cabinet above harbors shelves for baskets of bathroom belongings.
Clothes Call
Keep soiled towels and clothing off the bathroom floor with a hidden spot for laundry. This cabinet door tilts out to reveal two hampers — one labeled for laundry and another for dry cleaning. Handles on each hamper make transporting them a breeze.
Good Groupings
Keep supplies for specific tasks in one easy-to-transport carrier. Store it on a shelf and lift it out when you need it. Here, mani and pedi supplies fit into one portable mail sorter.
Repurposed Beauty
Ordinarily reserved for kitchens and dining rooms, a colorful hutch adds a splash of personality and plenty of storage to this bathroom.
Seat Savvy
Strategically located in a bathroom, a wooden chair offers a simple, warm welcome and a place to sit, as well as a spot for resting a small stack of towels. Position the chair near the bathtub or shower so the towels are within arm’s reach.