Part 2 of our series on bathroom remodeling and organization:

Classic Organizer

A recessed, mirrored medicine cabinet remains a sensible storage solution, placing daily needs right in front of you. Opening the door to this cabinet reveals a pretty mirrored interior with glass shelves — the mirrors reflect light and brighten the inside so it’s easier to see the contents.
Go Vertical
Go vertical with storage. Use a vintage ladder or one specifically made for bathrooms to hang towels. The height of the ladder will break up the monotony of the room and provide more storage.
Freestanding Storage
If you have the space, a freestanding cabinet — or two — is your best stand-in for a linen closet. Save money by looking for unfinished cabinetry at home centers, or snag a great piece at a yard sale. Keep everything neat and tidy within the cabinet by storing elements in separate bins, baskets, or containers.
Cottage-Style Cache
Recessed, open shelves occupy often-wasted wall space in this soaking tub alcove. Lining the recess with white-painted tongue-and-groove boards make it a charming cottage-style asset for the bath.
Shower Helper
Open shelves provide easy access to needed items and are cleverly tucked into a sliver of space between the shower and a wall. Baskets corral like belongings, and labels on each shelf ensure everything goes back to its rightful place.