Several bathroom remodeling and storage trends have emerged in recent years.  Here are a few that we have found most helpful in keeping your bathroom neat and organized!

Nice Niche
A recessed tile-lined niche in the bathroom shower provides storage that doesn’t get in your way but is easy to reach. This shower niche wraps around a corner for a bit of extra room for shampoos, soaps, a razor, and other necessities.
Sliding Home
Equip your vanity cabinet with slide-out tiered shelves and you’ll never dig around blindly again. Line the trays with rubber shelf liner cut to size for a pretty finish. Caddies and acrylic boxes keep small items sorted. A simple hook and hanger keep a small tote upright and within reach.
Towel Tactics
Why store towels in a hallway linen closet when you can keep them less than an arm’s reach away? This built-in shelving unit extends from the tub deck to the ceiling for storing towels and toiletries so bathers can easily grab one and step out. Baskets on the lower shelf keep clutter out of sight.
Back-of-the-Door Storage
The backs of cabinet doors are full of unused storage space. Attach shallow caddies to the back of a cabinet to add storage for everything like hand soap, cotton balls, and cleaning supplies. Label each shelf to make sure toiletries stay separate from other bathroom supplies.