Designed to be a curious twist in the tale of traditional and contemporary design this concept would appear to be having us over a barrel.

The aesthetics promote a rustic and traditional tone…the kind of atmosphere you’ll find in your local cider brewery; whilst the oak finish and soft geometry provides a welcome rest bite from the classic linear lines used relentlessly in contemporary kitchen design.
The use of smooth engineered metal and flaming red industrial controls helps to punctuate this retro revolution with 21st century style.
This design shows how imagination and passion can harmonise both traditional and contemporary design into something that can intrigue and satisfy the user.
If you have a kitchen big enough to have all three of the above pictured pieces you definitely will have a one of a kind kitchen. This is a unique design that we may see soon in the future. This barrel design takes the rustic look to a new level, it may not be for everybody but some may like this quirky look.