YouNique only partners with manufacturers and suppliers who are committed to design, innovation, quality and service.

We currently offer a wide selection of custom cabinets, quartz, granite, lighting and plumbing fixtures. We are always expanding our offering to bring our clients on-trend, high quality furniture and custom needs such as bars, closets, hutches and tables.


Counter Tops

Cambria® prides itself on being the only family-owned, American-made producer of natural quartz surfaces. It’s a rare combination in today’s increasingly globalized marketplace. For our customers, it results in quality that can be felt from start to finish, in products and our customers’ experiences. YouNique is proud to be a Premier Dealer of Cambria® products.

Plumbing, Lighting & Decorative Fixtures

Aquadesign is an importer and national distributor of decorative plumbing products for the Canadian market. Aquadesign is the proud exclusive distributor of distinguished product lines such as Disegno, Zucchetti, KOS, Ritmonio, Maier, Mountain Plumbing and Saunacore. Aquadesign’s products are sourced in Italy, Spain, USA and Canada, to bring Canadians superior design and quality with excellent value.

Native Trails was founded on the principles of artisan tradition, sustainability, and fair trade practices to bring the work of undiscovered artisans from central Mexico to living spaces throughout North America. Combining the artisans’ age-old traditions with contemporary design and sustainable materials, its artisan-made product lines have grown to include copper sinks, groundbreaking NativeStone® concrete sinks, vanities made of reclaimed wood, range hoods, furniture, and a range of home decor products.

Since 1995, Icera has established a reputation amongst designers and professionals for combining excellence in design with unmatched performance and quality. They take great pride in being at the forefront of product innovation, and in challenging industry standards. Icera offers designer-based, full-suite collections for a variety of sophisticated bath interiors, ranging from contemporary to the classic. In all cases, quality, performance and water efficiency are emphasized.

Essential to life, water is the focus of Oceania, which is dedicated to optimizing its presence in the home spa environment. Its premium products stand out for their ingenious and visionary features. Oceania is a source of innovation and trends.