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Our goal is to exceed your expectations through a well-designed space that you, your family and your friends can enjoy and share together. At YouNique we take the challenges out of designing your kitchen, bathroom and custom millwork by listening closely to your thoughts and ideas during our consultations and then, becoming your creative partner in design. With our expert guidance you will be able to rest comfortably knowing that you have invested in a quality renovation that enhances your lifestyle.

Initial Consultation

Our partnership with our clients always begins with design. Designing is the most important step in your renovation – the time spent on design is time that pays off exponentially throughout your entire project: it helps creates transparency for trades; provides you with a complete list of materials to ensure your building and finish supplies are received on-time; and it reduces the amount of decisions you have to make during the project.

We start by either working with you in the showroom referring to your blueprints if you’re building a new home, or in your home if you’re renovating.

In our first meeting together, we’ll discuss your lifestyle, functionality requirements, and the type of designs you like (traditional, transitional, modern, contemporary, rustic or any combination thereof). We will review plans or take measurements in your home, discuss your appliances (type and location) and your renovation/building plan and timelines. If you’re not clear on what it takes to renovate a home and don’t have a trusted contractor, that’s fine – YouNique offers turn-key renovation services and we can fully manage your project for you. However, if you do have a contractor, or wish to manage the project yourself we will of course partner with you or your existing contractor to see your renovation or build through to completion.

Our key takeaways from this meeting are:

  • Gaining a sense of your style and what you want from your new kitchen, bath or other renovation
  • Getting connected on social meeting platforms (Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook) so we can begin to collaborate online, sharing ideas, concepts and feedback more effectively
  • Measuring the rooms you’re renovating or the blueprints
  • Defining the scope of the project and clarifying expectations of YouNique
  • Establishing your high-level renovation/building plan
  • Determining your budget for the project

Design Presentation, Budget & Selections

In our second meeting, we’ll present you with 3D Design Concepts, materials we have selected that will compliment your design and style, and an accurate budget covering everything we discussed in our first meeting and defined in our scope.

We’ll review the first design together, focus on what you do/don’t like, talk about functionality and accessorizing, and any layout or material changes that you would like to make. This step is critical as it helps us and you to ensure that we’ve taken all of the details into consideration. Throughout this process, we confirm whether what you see coming to life in your renovation is really what you envisioned. Don’t worry if it’s not, sometimes it’s easier to start with a visual and then work from there – we do it all the time!

Our key takeaways from this meeting are:

  • Direction/decisions required to finalize design(s)
  • Direction/decisions required to finalize materials
  • Direction/decisions required to finalize renovation budget

This meeting can be repeated if needed. We don’t move on to the final step until you are 100% confident in the primary decisions you need to make!

Final Design & Budget Review Meeting

In our final meeting, we’ll review all of the designs, materials, renovations, timelines budget, and will sign off on your project. Our final meeting will also include:

  • Reviewing the process for change orders
  • Reviewing the process for sales orders
  • Discussing payment terms and timelines
  • Booking final measurements
  • Establishing the contact names/info of anyone YouNique will need to work with on the project

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